What do you think about The Amazing Digital Circus?


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Now that the pilot premiered, what do you think about The Amazing Digital Circus internet show?

For me, it felt like a good, but heavily inspiration reliant, collaboration of Creepy Online Zoomer Tropes, like for preservation purposes, but nothing really visionary that moves this particular story forward.

Each scene feels like I have seen it before, so it’s very much montage like, especially by it’s unorthodox pace of scene copy after trope copy with the assumed intention of trying very hard to show that they are well cultured in this makeshift genre, even though they themselves aren’t contributing to it, but rather repackaging it.

I think going forward that this show will be viewed a lot, as it’s forcing itself to target the lowest common denominator, but I doubt there will be serious in-depth reflection about this content, apart from phonies making philosophical arguments out of nothing for clicks.

It’s a beautiful animated show, nevertheless.


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Honestly, I love it. True, the story is nothing new, but at this point it's kinda hard to make something without it being seen before.

Either way, I'm very interested in the story, it's one of the only online series I've watched so far, that I want to see more of. Specially with how most are being super edgy with guns and violence, which starts feeling old by now. This feels like a nice change of pace with psychological horror, instead.

And ofc, the animation is beautiful!