Which Mother 3 Character needed more Protagonism?

Which Mother 3 character needed more screen time?

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So, right, I still speaking about Mother 64 Beta and how Flint was gonna had more importance in the story. Flint was going to be with Lucas for more time that in the actual game and apparently Flint was going to be the one who introduces us to the world of Mother 64 like in the current game but as we know he disappears when Lucas turns in the main character. I would like pretty much to have seen Flint at least 40% of the adventure, and seen more of Salsa. But, what do you prefer?

Ignoring Boney, Kumatora and Duster, who are with us practically all the adventure, which Mother 3 character would you like to have seen longer?


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One of my issues with MOTHER 3 in its current time, is it’s total playtime.
30 hours is a really good length, but for this kind of game, I did wish it could of lasted at least an additional 5 or 10 hours.
And with the time usage, I would of loved for Flint to get more protagonist screen time.
He’s just a really interesting character and it’s fascinating the emotional downfall he goes through.
I understand why we didn’t see him more on the latter half of the game, but it would been nice to be able to explore his psyche, rather than the game just telling us.