Your JoJo Stand Ideas?


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If you were tasked to create your very own JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stand, what would it be and what abilities would you attach to it?

Davi J.O(''Retro-Man'')

(Your local Retroman since 2021)
The Retro Shadow. He wears a formal clothing with a felt short-brimmed fedora hat. He is able to kill his enemies by breaking their bones with his "magic fingers". He can overhear something even when they do not see him. The Retro Shadow can hypnotize with his "psychedelic eyes" and is telepathic. With telepathy, he can tell something to the user what others think without any of them knowing it. The Retro Shadow is fast and has a sharp auditorial and smelling system. His body can protect the user from any kinds of projectile except emerald splash.The weakness of this stand is time-stop and emerald splash. The other user can defeat him while time stops.